These are some of the BEST car crash videos from the UK (United Kingdom)
These are pretty funny, and not something that I usually upload on my channel. For once you can actually understand what they yell and say in the video. Hope you like it! Enjoy!

6 Responses to “BEST Car Crashes In The UK! Hahaha, MUST See!! :D – 2016 Compilation”

  1. Devin Dickson says:

    That’s fucking shit!

  2. Devin Dickson says:

    That’s car is fucked!

  3. Good Video

  4. looks like ya boy CRASH TVin pitched in on this video huh

  5. Scottthewolf says:

    Most of these accidents are the result of excessive speed and pure
    stupidity. Remind me not to drive outside of the USA or Canada.

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