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17 Responses to “Best of Motorcycle Crash Compilation & Road Rage 2014 HD”

  1. vengefulbeauty says:

    Some of these bikers are driving like they’re the only vehicle on the road
    for miles. It’s no wonder they don’t get in an accident everyday.

  2. Billy PHUKYOU says:

    I disliked it because there was at least one that wasn’t a crash

  3. Alejandro Rosario says:

    13:05 the name of the song??

  4. Hugo Freitas says:


  5. Rockin' Billy says:

    0:20 what a kamikaze

  6. Russia is the best retard shit country ever !!!!!

  7. InkRedible DashCam UK says:

    17:28 nice somersault!

  8. 808is13013 says:

    love watching these assholes bounce off cars like beach balls

  9. mustang 72 says:

    9:06 Look at the dudes boner! on the right… xD

  10. Đipalo Junuz says:

    17:27 LOL

  11. CarCrashVideos says:

    #Bestof2014 #Bike #Motorcycle #Crash #compilation #2014 #psndown 🙁 Please
    like this video. Thanks!

  12. 17:27 epic…. nice landing 

  13. I think motorcycles arent welcome in russia

  14. InkRedible DashCam UK says:

    At 12:58 it shows what a dangerous thing filtering through traffic is. 

  15. Lol 6:33 wtf happened

  16. Tv Байкер says:

    что бы вы без нас русских смотрели??? 🙂
    what you would not have watched Russian ??? :)

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