Best of Road Rage & Car Crash 2014 Compilation HD DashCam videos Check out my other videos here: https://

7 Responses to “Best of Road Rage & Car Crash 2014 Compilation HD”

  1. MegaTaurus777 says:

    a lot of ‘blyatts’ on this vid!!

  2. ChuckieFinzter says:

    90% of the crashes are caused by the bad taste of music.

  3. CarCrashVideos says:

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  4. Dragon feces says:

    Thats what you get when you let humans breed without an iq test.

  5. tonyamanieri1 says:

    7:23 Prius…HA HA! 1 Prius down,14,500,000 to go.

  6. TheHuntizOn says:

    Anyone conveniently know the song at 4:40?

  7. valhala56 says:

    In Soviet Russia everybody drives drunk and like they are the only ones on
    the Road. 

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