Let’s look back on the best of Road Rage in America from 2014. New stuff uploaded daily so please subscribe! ­čśÇ Check out my other videos here: https://

20 Responses to “Best of Road Rage in America (USA) 2014 HD”

  1. Walter Strong says:

    That bozo ramming another vehicle in the parking garage needs to be stuffed
    in to a straight jacket and hauled off the the funny farm.´╗┐

  2. Ryan Presly says:

    #americans stuck up. I thought the English were bad…look at these fools!´╗┐

  3. AndrewProblematic says:

    4:38 maaan on the words what u gona do about it, id come out and cockslap
    her to knockout rofl do it russian style´╗┐

  4. xiiBuzzinx says:

    dumb bitch at 3:50 doing that with a kid in the car…´╗┐

  5. Daniel Beier says:

    Okay, I researched this, and found that, “Lane Splitting” is in fact
    illegal in all states, however, it’s “permitted ” in California, only
    because it’s concidered un – enforceable. Hence there are no lanes to
    pursue offenders. It may be true that it relives some traffic congestion,
    but it’s also an extremely dangerous manuver, and causes numerous accidents
    every year, therefore adding to traffic problems. Also when these cases
    come to court, judges almost always find against the biker. I believe that
    because bikes are so difficult to see, they need to take every precaution
    possible to avoid accidents, whereas lane – splitting , at least to me,
    seems to be pretty much asking for trouble. ´╗┐

  6. Lucas Toledo says:

    1:17 – Recife/Brazil, not USA. Nice comp though! ;)´╗┐

  7. Max Cardenas says:

    Those motorbike guys were askin for it Whats the fun of doin that´╗┐

  8. Brad Rosser says:

    wow, no wonder people hate us americans, well i guess there are idiots in
    every country but that girls kids need to be taken away, and also i believe
    if a woman touches a man then drop her ass. thats also just my opinion and
    ment no offense to anyone, but she should have her kid taken away and the
    “fat boy” should have called child services´╗┐

  9. John Wayne says:

    3:07 That was just plain stupid. You weigh 600 Lbs and that car behind you
    weighs 2k Lbs.
    3:50 Mom being a bully in her mini van and places the life of her child or
    maybe someone else’s in danger. Way to go Mom!
    5:30 Ah yes the infamous Hooligan biker incident in Manhattan. Here is
    600Lbs biker dudes playing with 3k Lbs Range Rover. Gee I wonder who wins?
    7:46 Ahh the ol I have a semi truck up my arse syndrome. I wonder how that
    got there? I see it many of times in Atlanta. People think that a 20k Lbs
    truck can stop on a dime like a Mazda Miata.
    7:57 Ahh yeah the slow arse in the left lane syndrome. So she decided to
    whip out here camera phone, hit record and then start filming the pick up
    truck dude. She had enough time to do that except to MOVE THE FUCK OVER!´╗┐

  10. Giggles Much says:

    lol! that douche in the truck totally deserved that. someone has a small
    dick. ´╗┐

  11. Pie 4life says:

    2:42 DUMB CUNT BIKER she doesnt have to move over for you ! she was in the
    middle of her lane she is not required by STATE LAW TO MAKE ROOM for you !
    How dare you stop traffic on them shows how dumb you are and you wanted her
    to get mad at the end saying “nothing ” because she didnt care´╗┐

  12. martin jeffery says:

    got to love “merica”´╗┐

  13. 4:40 See black people, we got ratchet hoes too. A better video would have
    been for the dude to get out of the car and slap the shit out of her. Not
    for her yelling and whatever else happened in traffic, but for her acting
    like that in front of a kid.´╗┐

  14. Mark Newman says:

    Wow… that trailer park trash tramp should be in a loony bin! She’s a real
    class act!´╗┐

  15. LMAO that idiot it standing on top of a picture of a bike on the road
    saying the bike lane is “over there”. What a moron!´╗┐

  16. David Perlich says:

    The one near the end where the beige Toyota was trying to brake check the
    car with the red racing stripes… I believe that was the 91 fwy, near
    Corona. I dealt with that exact same car on the same freeway trying to do
    the same thing to me. It’s a crazy-ass lady. ´╗┐

  17. Josh OpieOP says:

    3:45 pretty much everyone who lives in thousand oaks and camarillo here in
    California. lol´╗┐

  18. Fucking redneck americans´╗┐

  19. MechMonstrosity says:

    5:23 brake-checking an SUV with a bike… What the hell did he think was
    going to happen?!´╗┐

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