Car crash compilation of the worst car accidents caught on dashcam. The latest complete car video compilation 2014 around the world. New videos uploaded ever…

12 Responses to “Car Accidents Compilation December 2014 (2)”

  1. OffTrackProductions says:

    I thought the first one was a pretty good save, given the situation.

  2. André Jacobsson says:

    1:55 Sounds alot like Count Dracula!

  3. MirceaKitsune says:

    1:55 Dear Russians: Please stop copying us Romanians, and stealing the
    things that make us unique. With respect, a no longer concerned citizen.

  4. The Crashchanel says:

    0:17 афиггеть

  5. Jeff TheDragonSlayer says:

    Another Normal Day In Russia

  6. 1:19 – Ha ha! Police can just pick intersection, turn on lights and wait
    for wreck!

  7. Viktor Alexey says:

    0:15 The Russians truks can fly !!!!

  8. dat truck lol 0:16

  9. Accidents and Crashes on the Road says:
  10. MrAssholebynature1 says:

    @16 second that sum bitch was at the monster truck rally 

  11. Most of these are results of so fucking basic mistakes… Amazing how some
    people even manage to pass their driving license exams…

  12. DiselTruck says:

    5:40 полицейский разворот в исполнении трамвая?))

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