Car crash compilation of the worst car accidents caught on dashcam. The latest complete car video compilation 2014 around the world. New videos uploaded ever…

15 Responses to “Car Accidents Compilation December 2014 (3)”

  1. What’s the black spot on the Sun 0:10

  2. proTESTeam+TV says:
  3. Accidents and Crashes on the Road says:
  4. Jeff TheDragonSlayer says:

    Harsh Winter

  5. Andrey S. says:

    5:00 русский ФЛЭШ!

  6. LamaAndTiger says:

    1:33 Wow, the camera was thrown out of the car!

  7. Павел Галкин says:

    5:00 городу нужен новый супер герой

  8. Joelian scw says:

    4:51 WTF this Cop it Sonic!!!

  9. Winter Crashes Compilation says:
  10. GraveDigger777777777 says:

    зачем гайцам машины выдают….?
    они и пёхом, норм догоняют! :)

  11. TheCilliac says:

    Snow everytime and everywhere, country of shi*!!!

  12. Cowman715 says:


  13. я чёто прихуел от скорости гайца, как флеш бегает. Это монтаж или что?

  14. TheSG2301 says:

    Русская зима сурова.

  15. MrsTabby1963 says:

    5:16 showing his initiative, very impressed :D

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