Car crash compilation of the worst car accidents caught on dashcam. The latest complete car video compilation 2014 around the world. New videos uploaded ever…

14 Responses to “Car Accidents Compilation December 2014 (4)”

  1. Topgun232 says:

    Icy roads in the last clip?

  2. Jeff TheDragonSlayer says:

    Triple Accident In Last Video

  3. So i assume russia has a 100% accident rate! If you own a car, you WILL get
    in a wreck!

  4. that last clip is why road gritting is so important, the whole road is
    black ice pretty much, probably 80km/h traffic too

  5. MirceaKitsune says:

    No matter how bad the Russian economy is getting, good car crash videos are
    one thing they’ll never stop selling.

  6. Smithy318i says:

    Do any of these Ruskies even have a driving licence ?

  7. HTHTucoTheRat says:

    Thanks for posting this vid. As always, the best! :D

  8. jeepthing98 says:

    Why are these drivers seemingly going 100mph on snow and ice? Do they think
    their mediocre 1980s shitboxes are immune to the effects of physics?

  9. Accidents and Crashes on the Road says:
  10. Balázs Szűcs says:

    What is the song name at 2:56?

  11. Joost van de Kieft says:

    It seems that every year the Russians underestimate the power of icy and
    snowy roads…

  12. Sir Evan Of Guernsey says:

    Wow, there are 2 accidents at the same time at 5:57.

  13. Winter Crashes Compilation says:
  14. TheFriskyBiker says:

    5:12 how fucking fast did he have them hazards on!

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