Car crash compilation of the worst car accidents caught on dashcam. The latest complete car video compilation 2014 around the world. New videos uploaded ever…

10 Responses to “Car Accidents Compilation December 2014 (7)”

  1. JP Onefourseven says:

    A lot of them can be avoided by just slowing down when there is snow.

  2. vellikin valera says:

    Hi, everybody. You watch on my channel selections of accidents from Russia.
    I will be grateful.

  3. 2048 and people still can’t drive. Spoiler alert!!

  4. Garrett Miller says:

    See, the skill isn’t included in the price.

  5. MirceaKitsune says:

    Before driving in Russia, one should take the g-force simulator used by
    military pilots.

  6. Jeff TheDragonSlayer says:

    The Last One Is Epic

  7. gremlinuk1968 says:

    a great saying in russia,, when it snows drive faster,,!!!!

  8. This is the result of being an idiot behind a wheel.

    Think, people, think! What do you think is gonna happen when you’re going
    at 80 kph on a snowy road?

  9. Việt Hoàng says:

    What is song name? Thanks!

  10. BadDriversOf Georgia says:

    They really need to make the horn the break in some of these places since
    they seem to always use the horn but yet not the break.

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