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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 54”

  1. Veronica Testano Secundo says:

    На 4:25 самка летела на красный, сбила двух на пешеходке. В нормальной
    стране – год без прав. В РФии – стобаксов ДПСникам.

  2. UltimateGamingBoy says:

    holy shit dude 6:28 that guy that got sandwiched holy fucking shit!

  3. 皇帝火災 says:

    why is it that the russians are filming while they drive ?

  4. Porco Rosso says:

    Can please tell me the name of the song playing at 1:44 .

  5. Francisco Ceron says:

    4:33 hey look it’s Super Mario 

  6. WonderDrugEchinacea says:

    Are Russian cops driving Hyundais? Granted, Hyundai has come a long way
    over the last 10 years and are now making some solid cars, but surely there
    are cars better suited for cops?

  7. Arlind530d. Com says:

    6:33 that guy is dead for sure

  8. Lewis Marshall says:


  9. 04:33 mario LOOOL :)

  10. Андрей Абсолютный says:

    4:55 ПИЗДЕЦ какая ебанутая баба – “да ты что??? умер человека,да?” , потом
    когда парень хотел остановиться на краю дороги и помочь, она говорит “ты
    куда??? чё, помогать пойдём???” – я в ахуе. Какая ебанутая блять

  11. Michael DeJong says:

    Mario to save the day at 4:33

  12. Ерасыл Даиржанов says:

    4:27 я думал ща водителя будет пиздеть он сьебатся хотел киданув

  13. hockeylover96 says:

    2:00 the guy easily could’ve avoided him but kept going, beeped like it
    was going to do something, then crashed into him with his family in the
    car. His facial expression didn’t change throughout that at all either

  14. Bruce James Boyd says:

    1: Get your car checked out regulary, 2: keep right pass left 3: don’t over
    take in an intersection 4:don’t run a red light. 5: Don’t over take more
    than one vicheal at once. That should handle most of these driver
    errors….And a nother thing….don’t dodge in the same fucking direction
    as the idiot thats being a useless driver.

  15. 02chevyguy says:

    LOL! I couldn’t help but laugh at 1:10. 

  16. John Walker says:

    I had no idea humans could be so incredibly stupid. I just moved to Russia
    about six months ago and these videos couldn’t be closer to the truth.
    Each day when I drive home from work (3km) I see a minimum of two
    accidents. Where the fuck are the brains in these people? It’s like they
    enjoy getting in accidents…I just can’t get my head around how careless
    these ignorant people can be when driving…putting everybody else’s life
    in danger.

  17. TheReturnOfJames says:

    How in the hell was 6:23 not fatal?

  18. Jameson Jeffery says:

    when they say what sounds like “whyumad” what are they really saying?

  19. Noah Khani says:

    @0:47 what a scum bag.

  20. 2:29 it was Santa Claus :)

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