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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 56”

  1. WonderDrugEchinacea says:

    Someone please, please translate these videos and upload them again. I want
    to know what they are saying.

  2. ERiCDrAyViN says:

    I know he’s taken a short-cut through that river before because he put his
    wipers on before hitting the water! 😀 Classic Russians!

  3. At 1:00 :
    – [he] lost something
    – lost what?
    – control
    At 7:50
    – are we swimming?
    – yup, we’re swimming
    – and where are we swimming to?
    – towards the shore

    Comments and reactions are the best part of these videos.

  4. Kylie Minecraftgirl1091 says:

    Omg at 6:14

  5. none of your business says:

    How do they just walk out their car like if the “accident” was so minor.

  6. StupidVidithumb says:

    Translation on the last clip: it’s okay. We just drove into a river, no

  7. Michel De Nostredame says:

    Русских людей видно сразу. х)
    – Плывем?
    – Плывем.
    – Куда плывем?
    – К берегу, блять.

  8. Max Linder says:

    Хладнокровие ребят в конце ролика поражает )) приключения итальянцев в
    россии – только рыбку не задави

  9. Иван Вальнов says:

    Почему все ролики тут на русском, а пиздят все по английски? 

  10. Lynx Savage says:

    What has got me all around, full circle fucked up… is how many folks just
    keep driving. What the fuck!?!

  11. The Curious Noob says:

    00:26 Why didn’t he just go back into his original lane instead of
    following the car like a magnet? Maybe froze under pressure 

  12. hernan adorno says:

    3:27 ITS A MONKEY??

  13. Полковник says:

    – чето потерял, смотри, потерял
    – чё потерял?
    – управление потерял ))))))))))

  14. NBFGrimReaper says:

    wow, this cracks me up.. ive only seen it in russian crash clip videos when
    people crash they fall out of the car door or front windshield. are their
    doors not equipped with latches to stay shut and have no seat belts? LOL.
    like at 6:12 for example. and wow! 7:36 ! they already have the cars that
    transform into boats?? that is awesome technology these days. =)

  15. I'm a Reptilian Alien Get Me Out Of Here! says:

    Translation after that river crash “Pass me that beautiful joint my friend,
    I want to bliss-out with nature”

  16. Julia Stuxberg says:

    at 6.15 he just fell out like a ragdoll

  17. pahyton carranza says:

    6:11 #clickitorticket 

  18. ShadStriker says:

    Das regt mich jedes mal auf das manche Autofahrer einfach weiterfahren und
    nicht helfen.

  19. Brad Smith says:

    It seems like they let the blind drive in Russia. I mean what other
    explanation is there for so many accidents happen because the driver isn’t
    looking where he or she is fucking going!

  20. Desmond Tan says:

    1:56 jumpscare!!!

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