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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 57”

  1. mahoushoujoe says:

    what is it about russians who really seem to not be paying attention to the
    road honest to god these are so concerning

  2. Bruce James Boyd says:

    Maybe insurance over there rewards bad drivers :?

  3. DeFietsreiziger says:

    Mass transit is much safer.

  4. Канал Few'a [Tutorials,let's Plays] says:

    я с бтр пересрался

  5. voodoo doll says:

    Some clear facts : most all of the russian drivers have dash cameras, none
    of them can : slow the fuck down on ice, use turn sinals and look when they
    change lanes , common sense or respect the posted speed limit

  6. joseph venturini says:

    LQQKZ like there is never a dull moment on the road over there! Time to
    back to the horse and carriage!!!!

  7. drevni kocur says:

    1:02 OMG the guy fell out of that truck as it flipped over. Some of these
    accidents are actually miracles.

  8. CreeperCraft 101 says:

    At 6:20, there was an old lady walking across the road. Then, some idiot
    crashed into her at high speed. Then, he beeped at her multiple times.

  9. MrVagrantArt says:

    A commonality in many of these crashes is the horrifically bad music being
    listened to at the moment of impact. One wonders if there is a causal
    relationship between being subjected to music that bad and a desire to end
    it all. Seriously, music this bad warrants disaster relief funding. 

  10. DThunderBird says:

    1. WTF is an armored tank vehicle doing on the road?
    2. WTF is the driver of it thinking?
    3. How the fuck that car didn’t see the armored vehicle?!
    4. WTF RUSSIA ?!?!

  11. WonderDrugEchinacea says:

    lol @ 6:20.. Look at that crazy old lady jaywalking across a four lane
    highway and nearly causing a multiple car pile up.

    7:16: Wow, lol. That’s a Donald Duck parallel parking job if I’ve ever seen
    one.. except it’s not in a parking space.

    8:45 And of course, no russian car crash video would be complete without
    the patented russian “turn left from the right lane” move. Way to go, taxi.
    I want my free Wi-Fi now.

    Ahh, these videos remind me of playing Burnout Revenge. I’m waiting for
    someone’s crashbreaker to go off.

  12. RockMartini says:

    9:20 – ‘don’t worry – be happy’

  13. Игорь Меньшов says:

    большая часть аварий из-за дебилов

  14. ZeusOfSochi says:

    Somebody, please, kill Obama нахуй!

  15. Ronan Marshman says:

    0:31 Incredibly lucky they got out alive.

  16. Richie Coto says:

    @ 0:32 ..why is there an APC driving on the road?

  17. hernan adorno says:

    7:12 WTF MEN!?

  18. 8:49 Anyone got the number for that Free WiFI?

  19. Alexander K says:

    2:15 самое жесткое дтп. most dangerous accident on the road in this video=)

  20. SenorCartmenez says:

    0:30 Why didn’t the car explode on impact, or at least catch fire? That
    always happens for me in GTA when I’m rampaging in a tank. But seriously,
    how shitty of a day must you be having if you get hit by a goddamned TANK?

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