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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 60”

  1. Just Your Regular God says:

    I wish a majority of these ppl had died 

  2. Mr_Papple says:

    3:46 there blazing it in that car lol

  3. Alina-Cristina Udrescu says:

    Like a baws! the merc guy going backwards!

  4. Alexander K says:

    1. 2:30 мерс красава!
    2. 6:45 Зачем обгонять, если толком водить не умеешь?! тем более на трассе
    и зимой. Шара в этот раз не прокатила, а поставил под угрозу жизнь
    “встречников” и своей бабы… и ради чего? ради на 15мин приехать раньше?! 

  5. zachyeah13 says:

    Something tells me that opening a towing service in russia would be very

  6. Mikk Nikls says:

    концовка эпичная)

  7. Ery [ROBLOX Videos, and My MTA Trains] says:

    Mercedes driver at 2:30-3:00 is boss. Chase him down and surrounds the
    Camry driver.

  8. Javian Engram says:

    No one in Russia can fucking drive

  9. omri ofek says:

    2:25 i just wanna talk to him

  10. Adrian Brent says:


  11. Timetunechi says:


  12. misv2rkon says:

    russian woman 100% bitch BIG WORDS but always cry like little baby.

  13. Heinrich Grobler says:

    Love the way the Russians talk

  14. gadia petrovich says:

    Ууу в конце визг ужаса. Бабы отвратны. Диму жалко. 

  15. Tyler Luckenbill says:

    Your good neighbor is starting to get pissed.

  16. Nacho Miranda says:

    1:20 who in the right mind will drive that fast on that road 

  17. Nick Vaccaro-Johnson says:

    2:30 = *WIN!* I need lessons from that person. 

  18. Axel Trainwagon says:

    5:49. I know that song! For the first time ever, I recognized a song from
    one of these videos. Oh my gosh I feel really happy for some reason lol
    Also that Merc driver is a badass

  19. дима – чмо

  20. Le Fabeauty says:

    2:30 the guy is a boss 

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