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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 62”

  1. Ery [ROBLOX Videos, and My MTA Trains] says:

    LOL 0:12 HAPPY SONG.

  2. The driver of the last one died 100%. You can see the brains getting on the
    guy’s windshield at 7:04

  3. Never buy a used car from Russia.

  4. Павел Першин says:

    ай последний как =( кабиной и в столб, ужас… хоть бы выжил

  5. Nathan Woodard says:

    last on. Mortal combat FATALITY

  6. Was the last one actually non-fatal? 

  7. lol who gave these ppl licenses?

  8. Daniel Šafář says:

    The last one. O_O

  9. Ахмед Хаткутов says:

    Надеюсь, последний выжил…

  10. Maxim Mizitov says:

    2:47 – надеется на бога, которого нет

  11. TheDrummerboy114 says:

    I don’t think the second one went along with the song :/

  12. At 2:04 shes laughing.. Awesome reaction :P

  13. WonderDrugEchinacea says:

    3:14 With reactions like this out of pedestrians, it seems like people are
    used to seeing traffic accidents on a fairly regular basis in Russia. Also,
    someone translate these videos into english! Just look at the view counts
    on some of these videos and the thumbs up and all the subscribers. Someone
    needs to do this and post them as car crash compilations with english subs
    and your channel will grow. Someone do it!

  14. Some incidents happened on 11th April and this video was uploaded on 12th

  15. R.I.P 7:01

  16. drunk1kangaroo says:

    I swear I saw a car crash the other day and I just said “blyat” out loud.
    and I’m not even russian

  17. Новрузов Эмиль says:

    3:58 Комментатор доставляет

  18. gadia petrovich says:

    То что в сашите играет радует например 4:40, молитва и там малой орущийтна
    мужика афигеееллл!! Ржака

  19. goldenthroat86 says:

    Some of these seem on purpose…

  20. Richie Coto says:

    2:29 “WHAT THE FUCK!?”

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