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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 63”

  1. tom bidwell says:

    Russian drivers are obviously the stupidest drivers they are worse than
    Mexican drivers here in the United States

  2. djdrauss629 says:

    I’m confused is it a free for all in Russia they speed, don’t stay in there
    lane , drive in the wrong lane, did I mention SPEED

  3. Russian drivers are SHIT. This video is just more gasoline adding to the
    fire. Ignorance of vehicles around them (including IN FRONT). General
    disregard for all traffic, either in the same flow, or oncoming. Immature
    driving styles (even for people over 30-40 years old). And passing like
    complete *KNOBS* in the face of oncoming traffic.

    Asshats like these deserve to crash and (hopefully/luckily) be removed from
    the gene pool!

  4. Rico Chrono says:

    Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden:
    Nein nicht interessant !
    Erschreckend !

  5. Why does everyone have a dashboard cam in Russia? 

  6. Mikestylz96 says:

    No offense to Russian people, Americans too man. People in general CAN NOT
    DRIVE FOR SHIT! Especially at fast speeds.

  7. Ralf Siegesmund says:

    random song inquiry: May anybody know what song is playing on the radio
    starting at 2:41 (
    Many Thanks and happy New Year! 

  8. PikachuWithAGun says:

    Whoa, how awful the one with the motorcycle that hit the train tracks and
    flipped. The driver’s passenger got hit by it and the driver runs straight
    for the motorcycle. Why?

  9. Crazy Funny Cats says:

    Crazy drivers are everywhere

    Notice though that most witnesses get out and help right away.. Even
    running to help the victims in the crashes

    Most people in North America don’t want to get involved

    They actually drive by like it never happened

    Canada loves Russia by the way

  10. Noah Khani says:

    I don’t know if these Russians are inconsiderate drivers, or just plain

  11. Juan Cervantes says:

    man they must get their drivers license out a gumball machine they suck
    over there. i know the US has accidents but not like that…..damn their
    insurance premiums must be through the fucking roof……and a mechanic
    auto body shop would be a great business over there…

  12. notice all the car accidents happen in russia, how convienient right? that
    just proves that the russian nation is retarded, im not saying all of them
    are but in general.

  13. Sergio Pinto says:

    “bike crash with girlfriend” – Ohh fuck, the bike!!!! Ohhhh fuck, let me
    save the bike!!!!

  14. Delta S 4 Super says:

    the last is very scaring!!
    i need hummer for go to the road,not normal car

  15. Connor Wingrove says:

    sometimes i think these accidents are planned and the people that wreck are
    working in the same feild and they make it look like an accident

  16. Markus RiverRhine says:

    did you see those two guys on the motorcycle that crashed into the little
    blue sedan? those two ugly guys that emerged from the car only had eyes for
    their crappy car instead of making sure the motorcyclists were alright.Love
    ya, Russia.

  17. James O' Beirne says:

    stupid fucking Russians

  18. Russell Whitney says:

    These videos just prove what the roads are like. In most of these, an
    agressive driver makes a hard move on a driver doing the right thing, but
    no matter how the correct driver responds, they still mostly recieve more
    damage than the aggresive driver. Now imagine a world with no car

  19. Its Vodka ! 

  20. davethehostage says:

    I’d actually really like to know why driving in Russia appears to be a
    death sentence. Do they not require driver education before issuing
    licenses in Russia? I understand that the popularity of dashcams is the
    reason we see so much of this behaviour, but therein lies the point: Why do
    they NEED dashcams in the first place?

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