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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 64”

  1. Denis Begic says:


  2. Timetunechi says:

    7:45 Хули ты руками разводишь, падлюка!? Сам виноват, мудакус хренов!

  3. Dacrazy-can says:

    i like your vids man they are FRESH , keep doing them nice work

  4. Silvestro Suppa says:

    I’m sorry, but it’s true: you don’t know how to drive. 

  5. boatcaptin14 says:

    The richest people in Russia must be the ones fixing body work on cars

  6. UberDurable says:

    Ukraine can beat Russia without firing a single bullet, all it has to do is
    to buy every single Russian a car, and let nature (and Vodka) take its

  7. Danieleczko0589 says:

    Kurwa czy te Ruskie mają chociaz połowe mózgu we łbie????????? Takie cuda
    odpierdalać na szosie to aż sie zesrać można taka to żenada.

  8. konstantin tenko says:

    4:05 девушку, переходившую дорогу в неположенном месте сбила полиция,
    обганявшая пробку по встречке, бабуля, шедшая рядом, просто пошла дальше.
    Все штрихи в одном пейзаже.

  9. Kyle Dorsch says:

    What a dick! 8:19

  10. Stein Gauslaa Strindhaug says:

    7:33 that speedometer gives some random values… when he stands still its
    still mesuring 26 km/h and suddenly 31 km/h whithout the car moving…

  11. whoseyomama123 says:

    8:20 he hit the motorcycle on purpose 

  12. Charlie Clumsy says:

    00:54 That’s a very slow reaction.

  13. Emmanuel Mendez says:

    4:07 – happenes to me all the time in gta v 

  14. на 4:10, бабка пздц посмотрела и пошла дальше, мент тоже ебашил на такой
    скорости, дебил.

  15. Karel De Bontridder says:

    2:44 Merc guy had it coming… What an asshole !!! Driving at such speed
    in rear traction car on very wet road…
    3:35 Driver’s licence bought on street corner for half a bottle of wodka…
    Shouldn’t even be on the road…
    4:10 Granny from hell… How indifferent can you get ???
    8:18 Is that a hit-and-run ?

  16. DashCakexxx says:

    6:16 Tag,Your it!

  17. the main problem in Russia is their roads!

  18. BlokeOzzie says:

    I can only assume a Russian driving school lesson sounds something like
    “Today is the last day of your training. Now let us recap the basics:
    – If you are driving on ice, remember, drive fast. Those slippery roads
    are dangerous and you want to spend as little time on them as possible!
    – Red lights are suggestions only. You can drive right through them, in
    fact! They do not physically stop your car at all. They are just as
    ineffective as Give Way signs and Pedestrian Crossings.
    – The hard shoulder and emergency lanes are for overtaking. There are
    never any broken-down vehicles on these parts of the road to be wary of.
    – Lanes, like red lights, are suggestions only. Feel free to use the whole
    road at your leisure. It’s there to be used!
    – If you see heavy traffic ahead of you, accelerate; it will dissipate by
    the time you reach it because they will hear you coming, allowing you to
    pass safely.
    – If you see a car crashing in front of you, don’t slow down! Slowing down
    will make the other car crash harder because of the law of conservation of
    energy, so don’t hit your brakes. You might save a life!
    – Mirrors are for checking your make-up or hair in. They are absolutely
    not for checking for traffic coming behind you, especially if you are
    – Always overtake on the blind side of a stopped vehicle or vehicles.
    Especially at pedestrian crossings. Pedestrians are slow; you can get past
    them easily.
    – It’s fine to drive on the side of the road with on-coming traffic. They
    will politely move out of the way for you!
    – If you are a pedestrian, don’t look left or right when crossing the
    road. And always run. Remember, those roads are dangerous, and the less
    time you walk on them, the better!

    Well, that is all class. Here is your license, your free bottle of Vodka,
    and a Lada. Enjoy!”

  19. Антон Немцев says:

    4:08 Ебать! Куда ж полиция так ехала без мигалок и сирены. А бабка куда
    пошла? на её глазах человека сбили, а она огляделась и дальше. А водители?
    почему только один выбежал?
    “всё не так, ребята!”

  20. TheDrummerboy114 says:

    OOOO the one who got hit by the police car! That heartless women didnt even
    help her! Just looked and walked off bitch!

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