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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 65”

  1. Proof Crash at 10:03 [IMG][/IMG]

  2. Cheloveg93 says:

    на последнем видео машина прилетела мотоциклисту в лицо

  3. Minority Interests says:

    What is it with drivers pulling in fromt of other drivers in other lanes,
    and slamming on their brakes!? Seriously. Must be insurance.

  4. Keyboard Dancers says:

    Excessive speed in urban areas, astounding lack of observation especially
    on left turns, absolutely dreadful overtaking technique, too many old cars
    with appalling handling characteristics, poor road surfaces, bad road
    design, impatience = carnage. Official stats suggest you’re 30 times more
    likely to be involved in a road traffic accident in russia compared to the
    UK. What a mess!

  5. Last one is teleportation.

  6. 3vilCraft4EveR says:

    just look at the red car on the left at 9:59 the car just turned back to
    the bike WTF!

  7. TheLiquidKnight says:

    The sooner they ban blacked out windows the better. drivers trying to see
    though a blacked out car through blacked out glass it’s no wonder 90% of
    those collisions could have easily been avoided. 

  8. tugatomsk says:

    8:15 I don’t understand. Even if the car drivers were at fault by standing
    on the rails, why couldn’t the tram reduce speed a lot sooner since both
    cars were stopped for so long before the tram came? There was angle of
    sight for the tram driver to realize the traffic jam, right?

  9. 01:41 klarer Fall von Selbstüberschätzung! :-)

  10. russia language sounds very agressiv to me 

  11. norwegiangangsta says:

    1:15 Hope his skull got crushed.
    motherfucker deserved it. Sadly other people got injured ..

  12. Note to Russia: driving is NOT a full-contact sport!

  13. Zemi Zemjang says:

    Wtf is the last one? 

  14. jono walker says:

    None in the UK as usual … maybe because we aren’t a bunch of fucking
    retards who can actually drive.

  15. rockinchimp says:

    The last car that should be trying to overtake a lorry is a Lada…

  16. Jose Francisco Lobo says:

    Son unas bestias 

  17. Piotr Cholewa says:

    Jak ja uwielbiam oglądać te filmy! :-D

  18. Ben Kenneally says:

    supid fuckin drive they should not have a car but guys epic russin road the
    wird thing is people are fighting people that they dont no wtf but some are
    funny LOL all u have to do to see this videos is type in russin road rang
    one the peoples pants fell down and u could see his ass

  19. Car Crash Compilation says:

    Car Crash Compilation # 65

  20. traderjoes says:

    Always assume there is someone coming towards you when you enter any lane
    that you cannot fully see. So, never do what you see these people do. If a
    vehicle is heading towards you, do not attempt to go in front of it to
    avoid an impact, head towards where it Was! 

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