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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 66”

  1. WonderDrugEchinacea says:

    6:09 Can someone explain what is going on here? Was something hanging out
    of the back of the one car and somehow hooked onto the car behind? Were
    these cars intentionally attached before driving? That seems unlikely to
    me, but WTF?

    8:56 I would love to know what this guy is yelling.

  2. Ильдар Галимов says:

    На 01:10 называется медвежья услуга…

  3. LPfor3v3r says:

    I’m seriously starting to doubt whether or not driver’s tests and licenses
    are even a thing in Russia… Seriously. I’m pretty sure 95% of the wrecks
    that occurred in this video (and most other car crash videos that can be
    found on YouTube) took place somewhere in Russia.
    Learn to drive safely and efficiently, people! 

  4. BlackHust says:

    “Car has warranty until 2016. 580,000 rubles, maybe reduced by 10,000,
    maybe exchange for a fee.”
    “It’s all, arrived. You can shoot with the sale. I’ve just been fucking
    smashed. The whole car is broken.”

  5. EnotE Paul says:

    На 0:20 чувак в рубашке родился

  6. RoZariYo ReODaN says:

    5:50 i swear if this was in a horror movie maybe i’m gonna shit my self
    cause that scared my fucking ass :(

  7. ICantSpellDawg says:

    Верните техно накладку !

  8. Это только в россии может быть такой бардак
    1) Ужесточите здачи прав, нельзя совершать маневар поворот на лево не
    удостоверившись что тебя не обгоняют 2) сплюшную нарисуйте что обгон
    запрещен 3) асвальт блять песком с солью обрабатывайте 4) резину нормальную
    ставьте 5) светофоры ставьте а не знаки ваши уступить дорогу 6) поворот на
    лево так же светофор ставьте на больших перекрестках и полосу выделяйте 7)
    делайте что то с превышением скорости, штрафы в 10 раз увеличте, одбирайте
    права ставьте фотопораты но скорость уменьшайте на дорогах. И все если это
    сделать то будет выходить 1 видео в год а не 10 видео в неделю. Удачи.

  9. norwegiangangsta says:

    5:25 retard deserved it. Who the fuck overtakes or tries to overtacke while
    accelerating that fuckign slow.

  10. WonderDrugEchinacea says:

    Someone translate these videos with english subs!

  11. verony kostadinov says:

    Russians wont just remember to look both ways when TURNING

  12. 1redrubberball says:

    Regardless of the cause, Russians seem to drive in greater numbers without
    any thinking going on in their heads, nor self discipline.

  13. Espen Holm Pedersen says:

    9:35 “2019/09/27”???

  14. 4:23 Lol! The guy was talking on the phone about selling his car, after the
    crash he says he won’t be selling it anymore.
    Too bad not all understand what they say, the dialogs in these videos are
    hillarious, and sometimes ironic to the situation.

  15. Az Mandius says:

    2:27 привет Кишиневу, район Скулянка, я там жил в многоэтажке справа :)

  16. Максим Комаров says:

    Почему одна Россия ?

  17. alfonsocuiti says:

    I don’t understand how they can turn left on avenues, that’s simply
    forbidden here in Argentina unless there’s a traffic light for that

  18. Car Crash Compilation says:

    Car Crash Compilation # 66

  19. Jared Reabow says:

    6:23 I want to change lane, good luck everyone!

  20. Steve Animates says:

    Its the year 2019 and the zombie apocalypse is present. Save this video
    before the GOV shuts it down!
    (For all low IQ folk who don’t get the joke, look at what date the camera
    has set)

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