All crashes in this video are non-fatal.Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe. ✔SUBSCRIBE ✔FACEBOOK

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5 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 74”

  1. epicrafter,SLASHIN'GAMERCCC924MLG says:

    around 5:40 6:00 & i noticed SAME CRASH different camera angle (car footage) ;XD hope this comment helped

  2. TwistedSwivler says:

    4:43 DID SHE SAY f***

  3. TwistedSwivler says:


  4. Sarthak Gulati says:

    I kinda feel like all these cars have really poor brakes. And maybe worn out tires too. apart from maybe 10 accidents here all the others seem very easily avoidable. these cars dont stop and they keep sliding on and on. or maybe these drivers are shit and are slow af to react to whats ahead of them or around them. as for driving on slippery roads and in snow maybe get a better car or some better tires or learn how to drive like seriously. even in new delhi we have some really stupid people but not as stupid as these clowns. people on the roads here can be real a******s but they dont crash around like this.

  5. Car Crash Compilation says:

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