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20 Responses to “Car Crashes and Accident Compilation – Part 1”

  1. Swee Siang Lim says:

    this is ep 1.

  2. misdiagnosed100 says:

    Horrible? These were mostly fender benders, what a waste of time.

  3. More vodka go faster!

  4. Car Crash CompilationsXD9 says:


  5. Swee Siang Lim says:

    stupid driver

  6. Leahnora Rodriguez says:

    Car Crashes and Accident Compilation – Part 1

  7. Victor Alp says:

    45 sec billy idol lol

  8. SirHenryofRR says:

    It seem to me that all roads in Russia could have 20 lanes in each
    direction, but you’d still see ‘drivers’ using the leftmost lane to turn
    right, the rightmost lane to turn left and the opposite carriageway to go
    straight ahead. As for driving too fast in all conditions … Faster,
    pussycat; Faster will always be the order of the day!

  9. Andrew Thompson says:

    5:40 the tow truck crashes….now three tow trucks are needed….1 for the
    old tow truck and 1 for each car
    Stupid tow truck….ur supposed to carry crashed cars….NOT CRASH THE

  10. phan manh cu says:

    Vãi cả lồn

  11. Jaya Viswam says:

    Wow horor

  12. Joseph Zuraski II says:

    0:35 – That happened to someone on my street. 25 MPH head on collision
    narrow street.

  13. PurpleStratocaster says:

    You look at the road conditions on some of this footage, and you look at
    the WAY they’re driving, and how FAST they’re driving…and you say….”How
    can there NOT be an accident any second now!”

  14. Kais Yasine says:


  15. It´s on Russia,always on Russia…

  16. Madhu Sudan says:

    Pop pp pe q. A

  17. ismael di simone says:
  18. Young Hollywood says:

    In the beginning it said this video is to warn us. What I made out if this
    is that it’s warning us to stay the fuck out of Russia because everyone
    can’t drive worth shit lol. Seeing some of these videos, how fucking stupid
    do you have to be? Shit dude….

  19. Patrolin Aus says:

    0:55 Sorry mate but you’re pizza’s gonna be longer than 30 minutes……

  20. CrampedGrampy says:

    There is little commentary I can contribute on the subject of these Russian
    collisions, however, I will say many collisions are simply the product of
    an inability to drive with a give and take attitude. And yes, weather
    conditions create unpredictable results only compounded by speed and other

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