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20 Responses to “Car Crashes and Accident Compilation – Part 2”

  1. Aaesir 1080p says:

    2:09 did i just hear the russian solider voice actor for bf4

  2. steve adams says:

    russians the best drivers in the world (NOT)

  3. 06mirrors says:

    ffs y always frigin russian vids

  4. What means sucka?

  5. Søren Herman Heskjær says:

    Se denne video på YouTube:

  6. rolando tagle says:
  7. Ignas Gendvilas says:

    Russians have always been the ones that cause most damage (and problems) in
    all sort of situations. But come on, how can they be THAT bad at driving?
    Seriously, a 16-year-old could drive a car more wisely than “mature”
    russians… :/

  8. INCOGNITO says:

    song at 4:49 ?

  9. jared lewis says:

    if they looked both ways they may avoid alot of these accidents lol

  10. Abgz Anep says:

    Do these drivers have valid driving licenses? Hopefully by now, they are
    off the road for good so others will be saved!! 

  11. Gaboon Viper says:

    Driving down the road and suddenly they go straight to hell !!!!

  12. Intro Song?

  13. StupidGamer says:

    I would really like to move to russia! U can drive however u want!!!!!

  14. Joe Townsend says:

    Thanks CrashDiscovery for posting these videos. There’s a lot to be
    learned here. They should make viewing these a requirement for
    obtaining/keeping a license. Maybe if they did, more drivers would get a
    clue and many lives might be saved.
    Second, they should make dash cams a requirement in the states too!
    Third, the anti-Russian driver comments are way out of line, as there are
    fatal and near fatal auto accidents in the US EVERY few seconds. So, we
    have our share of careless drivers also! (We’re number ONE!! -said with
    flag waving). I mean really folks,,, Ever driven in LA, Las Vegas,
    Houston, Chicago, etc.?? Then you know.

    Hope you learned things from these vids that may save your life and the
    lives of others.

  15. TeriTerryTarry says:

    5:27, that’s a very interesting bridge. Does anyone know where it’s

  16. Rohan Biharie says:

    2:31 t/m 2:33 hahaha

  17. Justin LaTurner says:

    Wooooowwww you get taped on the bumper
    and you call it “HORRIBLE CRASHES EVER” wtf

  18. Ray Foster says:

    Russian driver is so funny! look like he drinking to much wodka!

  19. North Dakota Airsofter says:

    Still as always mostly russians driving like maniacs

  20. So if they drive like in winter, I can’t imagine summer. They rip peoples
    heads off their necks and shoulders I guess. 5seconds won’t kill – slow
    down and share the road!!!! 

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