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20 Responses to “Car Crashes and Accident Compilation – Part 3”

  1. 3:33 je ne peu pas croire qu’on ouvre sa portière sans regarder du tout!

  2. commiekiller1989 says:

    Yes, because honking at the guy who is obviously out of control will help
    the situation. 

  3. Gustavo García Reyes says:
  4. Drive faster , drink more vodka , drive faster and drink more vodka

  5. Yvonne Menjares says:

    The music. …so gay

  6. eldomo fletch says:

    horse and cart spring to mind 

  7. Petros Aivalis says:

    Car Crashes and Accident Compilation – Part 3

  8. Karan Mani says:

    That’s jake shit fuck mother fucker bich can’t

  9. all this crashes from russian

  10. Ijul Hamzah says:


  11. Le Sal Fenix says:

    SONG AT 6:19 PLEASEEE !!!

  12. Lee Taylor says:

    Is there any road laws in Russia or is it a free for all demolition derby ?

  13. Charley Tank says:

    it’s got to be the music that attracts these cars and trucks into crashing
    into each other.

  14. FrustratedNameSearch says:

    After watching all these Russian Car-Crash compilations a definite pattern
    has developed.

    Shitty Music.

    Put Pink Floyd on the radio and you folks would never have accidents !


  15. CrashDiscovery says:

    Car Crashes and Accident Compilation – Part 3

  16. yrtos agarth says:

    Viva Russia Dumbass !

  17. Why does everyone have a really old car? Does rust not affect the Russians

  18. Γ.Τ.Π.

  19. Joseph Zuraski II says:

    But where’s the one car engulfed in flames on the front photo?

  20. The weather is really bad. Put your foot down!!

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