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20 Responses to “Car Crashes and Accident Compilation – Part 4”

  1. Kevin Lehnerd says:

    all his taken from fellows website Under 18 not see what nothing bad!

  2. супер!

  3. Facecritik says:

    This is not to say, but I put a little more recent videos.

  4. Russian driving instructors are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

  5. malcolm campbell says:

    fuckin idiots

  6. Why does the fucking Russians drive with a camera? 

  7. wattsy9990 says:

    Half of them were not even bad!

  8. mutanay77 says:

    Russians are absolutely fucking TERRIBLE at driving. Why the fuck do they
    speed so much?

  9. AstralXRomance1 says:

    Ooooooh dat russian ice!

  10. superkaboose1066 says:

    3:42 THAT RECOVERY, helicopter much

  11. Sorry… but these were pretty friggin LAME

  12. Carlosxat Xateta says:

    os motora tao muito loco (very crazy drivers)

  13. CrampedGrampy says:

    I noticed in these videos, wile I see cracked windshields often, there are
    never “Rent-A-Wreck” seen. I wonder, are wrecked cars and trucks sent to
    the junk yard?

  14. bruce kazakos says:

    if i was a panelbeater in russia i could make a fortune

  15. Lol more vodka drive faster!

  16. Oni Raptor says:

    the one at 8:50 was such a beautiful example the control on ice. A perfect

  17. KAWASAKI NINJA says:


  18. Joe Townsend says:

    Thanks CrashDiscovery for posting these videos. There’s a lot to be
    learned here. They should make viewing these a requirement for
    obtaining/keeping a license. Maybe if they did, more drivers would get a
    clue and many lives might be saved.
    Second, they should make dash cams a requirement in the states too!
    Third, the anti-Russian driver comments are way out of line, as there are
    fatal and near fatal auto accidents in the US EVERY few seconds. So, we
    have our share of careless drivers also! (We’re number ONE!! -said with
    flag waving). I mean really folks,,, Ever driven in LA, Las Vegas,
    Houston, Chicago, etc.?? Then you know.

    Hope you learned things from these vids that may save your life and the
    lives of others.

  19. Maxx Castro says:

    +mutanay77 I actually Kinda agree with u.

  20. everybody driving one of those squared up shitboxes with bald tires are
    contantly causing wrecks.

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