This is the 3rd video in the series of: Crazy Russian Truck Crashes. I hope you like it! Please click the LIKE button, Subscribe, and comment on my video 🙂 It really makes my day 😀

This video should be taken as a learning tool. These truck drivers are idiots who drive too fast, causing huge traffic accidents. Trucks are some of the heaviest vehicles on the road so they can do a LOT of damage. Take care everyone and watch out for those trucks!

5 Responses to “Crazy Russian Truck Crashes Compilation #3”

  1. Killyourself103 says:

    “if you liked the video please like, comment and subscribe below” yeah jee,
    I just love watching people crash their cars

  2. JlowFresh 100 says:

    I swear Russia has the worlds most accidents

  3. D.K . McNally says:

    I also like the girl ,the vids are pretty good too.

  4. Jack Callahan says:

    God Russians

  5. Sh3yann:3 says:


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