Car crashes with original sound only. Driving in Asia Car Crash Compilation 2014. Check out the latest dashcam accidents vide…

9 Responses to “Driving in Asia – Car Accidents Compilation 2014 (19)”

  1. BusDriver101 says:

    Man, I really hate screamers. I’ve been in a situation similar to that and
    kept calm and did what was necessary to safely exit the situation.

  2. Winter Crashes Compilation says:
  3. 0:32 that’s usa isn’t it?

  4. URKillingme100 says:

    1:46 Did he score points or something? 7:16 Bonus points!

  5. Rodrigo Lima says:

    3:12 this guy is dead…

  6. Jupiter9099 says:

    2:45 – FAIL

  7. C8H10N4O2 says:

    Driving Skills Lvl China, but looks like Russia -.-

  8. Nemanja Blagojevic says:

    What is that sound that turns on everytime some car hits or been hit by

  9. Mario Djordjevic says:

    This is horrible. They are idiots and can’t drive.

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