Devastating moment light aircraft crash lands into tarmac and turns into giant fireball killing two… but not the pilot The crash happened in Iceland last year, with footage emerging this…

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  1. ScumbagMafia says:

    Coming in hot way past the glide slope, at a high altitude airfield causing
    degraded engine power in an an attempt to hot dog a pass on the airport?
    Darwin strikes again…RIP to the fallen. 

  2. John F Hendry says:

    My condolences to the families and the loss of their loved ones.

  3. Lincoln Guy says:

    Someone please find that annoying bitch narrating this and knock her on her
    ass! Thanks in advance. :P

  4. Chris Hall says:

    how the fuck did someone survive that? it burst into flames on impact like
    a bomb. no one shouldve survived. that really is a miracle

  5. Ariel Burdett says:

    “One of the occupants survived” ? C’mon, how could ANYTHING survive that???

  6. Mike Hunter says:

    Something fishy here. I just watched this crash with the plane banking in
    the opposite direction and striking the left wing first. Video is labeled
    “Scary: Plane crashes into racetrack in Iceland and explodes”.

  7. Jacob Becomes Israel says:

    Can’t believe anyone survived.

  8. Alexei Brownski says:

    I love how the guy goes for the fire extinguisher… Then just goes “Fuck

  9. Nicholas Hope says:

    I like the way you added the two jet engines to the thumbnail

  10. Robert Mantell says:

    So did the NTSB weigh in on this or are they going to just let all the
    amateur plane crash sleuths debate about it on youtube??

  11. SplashierCard66 says:

    Does anyone else think the narrator is really annoying in this video?

  12. Kamil Faizi says:

    Yes, her accent is Irish. Where do you think the American accent originated

  13. John Smith says:

    That was the worst landing I’ve ever seen.


    And bursting into “fleames”

  15. Tom Jolly says:

    How the hell did anyone survive that! 

  16. Yionne Cantu says:

    Almost looks intentional. .. how can that be from a experienced pilot

  17. and the 1/4 mile time was??

  18. Max Mustermann says:

    @ 0:40 “Put *oit* the flames” … 

  19. Henrik Rónai says:

    I like how the dude thinks at the start “what. the. fuck? Shit, flames! Oh
    here’s a fire extinghuiser! Nope that won’t help nevermind.” But otherwise,
    horrific accident :/

  20. I like how the guy’s initial reaction was to reach for the hand-held fire

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