This serie is incredibly popular, so I thought why not try and upload another episode of these. These compilations features some of the most insane, and crazy crashes you will ever see on youtube. I hope you like the video, and if you do, then please subscribe, like, comment and and share the video with your friends on Facebook

4 Responses to “Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #32 – Black Ice !”

  1. real nice how old dude threw the poor kitty into the back seat.

  2. RahatVieRieju says:

    so sad little pit when in start the guy thorws cat way. :,(

  3. Роман Козырев says:

    видео свежее а видосы местами старые че за прикол?

  4. GalapagosPete says:

    Second half repeats the first.

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