Due to popular demand, I’m uploading another of these car crash accident compilations. These are mostly from the US, and Russia. These crashes are caused by black ice, snow, and cold and slippery weather. Enjoy!

6 Responses to “Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #33 – Black Ice !”

  1. Scott Carnrick says:

    Failure to yield is 1 problems but speed, not playing attention, & bad
    driving are the other issues

  2. I like ice car crashes, not the serious ones though. The ones in small
    neighborhoods where they’re driving slow and just boop into eachother. it
    makes me laugh, as long as no one gets hurt it’s something funny to laugh
    at when a car just slowly boops into another.

  3. Charles Harpole says:

    Seems “failure to yield” is number one problem. What do you think?

  4. Charles Harpole says:

    Russians…….. exposure to sun deteriorates your windshield wipers, not
    their use.. So USE YOUR WIPERS !

  5. 1:31 omg they’re ded. Rip

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