Here is yet again a new car crash video during the cold cold winter. Watch out for black ice, icy roads, and the snow obviously.
These crashes are recorded using a dash cam, and are mostly from Russia. I hope you like this car crash compilation as much as I do! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe, comment, like and share the video with your friends!

5 Responses to “Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #37 – Black Ice !”

  1. Diana Giles says:

    you would think thry would drive better on icy roads drongos

  2. VinylToVideo says:

    0:50 Dang that old Lada has the worst brakes in the world.

  3. Dimitris Dim says:

    ❄️☃️🌨 Km 20-30 No Km 80 -100

  4. Car AndTrips says:

    7:12 no visibility at all :v keep the good vids!

  5. 4:12 – Что это было?
    8:40 – :))))))))))))))))))))

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