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Please use this video for educational use. These clips are pretty scary to watch, and should be watched to LEARN and be aware of the dangers you could potentially get into by driving on the roads.
These clips are recorded in January, however not from 2017. These clips shows how dangerous it is to drive in snow, and ice. The cold wheather makes it extremely hard to drive, especially when the roads are covered in black ice and snow.

Be careful out there, and take care!

5 Responses to “Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #41 – Black Ice ! – Extra Long Edition”

  1. Lord Walker says:

    Speed, stupidity, & vodka, equals Russian drivers.

  2. Adam Miller says:

    tire! oops, I mean tyre! Don’t want to piss off some Europeans again. I’ll
    probably get run over.

  3. Adam Miller says:

    0:31. good guard rails. I hope some of these people can never drive again
    due to their stupidity

  4. BlastForward says:

    *ding* “You have just crashed.”

  5. BlastForward says:

    18:32 actual crash was in the background on the left ;)

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