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These are some of the craziest crashes, mostly from Russia and Poland. These extreme crashes are mostly caused by stupid driving. Whether alcohol is in play here, I’m not sure, however it seems like some of these accidents could potentially be caused by it.
No matter which car brand you drive, like Toyota, BMW, Audi, or a Citroen, you need to be careful in the traffic, and on the roads and streets.
These bad drivers needs to pay attention, otherwise they should not be able to have a drivers license in my opinion!

Use these videos as a learning tool, and drive safely out there, especially on icy roads, and during the winter where snow is in play, and you could spinout
and become a victim of a huge car crash.
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6 Responses to “IDIOTS On The Road! STUPID Driving Fails And Accidents Car Crashes”

  1. Wild Gaming says:

    6:54 OMG that came out of nowhere XD. I had no clue that car was going to be there

  2. DevilsLittle Sister says:

    4:29 – 4:50 lesson learned.. stay away from little red cars… those ppl can’t drive for shit

  3. The Adventures of Lolo _ says:

    Watching these vids makes me appreciate that the US has safety standards for vehicles sold here.

  4. markevstudios says:

    It’s like a freaking video game

  5. markevstudios says:

    I swear that dude in the red coat gets hit all the time! LOL.  Looks like the same guy in like four of these type of videos.

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