The fatal accident involving two trains and a truck occurred at half past nine in the morning (on MSK) on Saturday, November 22nd. The controlled crossing So…

12 Responses to “Massive Train Crash versus Truck with fatal ending.”

  1. snugglebunny5us says:

    Oh wow..that was sad to watch. :(

  2. Brian Willis says:

    Holy fucking shit!

  3. Igor' Sanin says:

    it is Russia, is normal

  4. deklosjaar says:

    Rofl ded!

  5. CarCrashVideos says:

    #TrainCrash #TruckCrash Massive Train Crash versus Truck with fatal ending.

  6. Far Queue says:

    Don’t think it was a fatal..

  7. WellingtonBikeCam01 says:

    “for an unknown reason the truck “MAZ” went onto the tracks ramming the
    oncoming train” – We can’t see the crossing lights that were facing the
    truck, so we don’t know if there was a “signal failure”.

  8. Damn imagine how his family felt watching this

  9. James Dean says:

    Holy shit

  10. Radionut R says:

    Either the driver was incapacitated before you got to the crossing or he
    had brake failure.maybe he was committed suicide

  11. looks like going to fast on ice and you can tell the train lites must have
    been working or he wouldent have been slowing down and if you look at :35
    there is a second truck going sidways trying to stop on the ice also

  12. BeMoGamer says:

    Holy sweet fucking jesus…Am I the only one that didnt see the train
    warning lights in the other side.

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