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13 Responses to “MOST SHOCKING Car Crash 2014”

  1. Depthekiller101 says:

    oh my god we don’t need FREAKEN 30 people right now!!

  2. At least his foolish driving only got him hurt from the looks of it. That’s
    a positive. 

  3. Yoster Inthajus says:


  4. steffanp88 says:

    Did he died?

  5. abdulgani farah says:

    The truck is on one way road

  6. CaptainArt777 says:

    The driver made a bad decision and it cost him. I never feel sorry for
    those that gets hurt while making a bad decision. That could have been a
    mother with her kids in a van he just hit.

  7. brandi taylor says:


  8. PlaneCrashVideo says:
  9. The Copeland Family says:

    Cameraman needed to grow some balls and get in there a bit sooner.

  10. Василий Петрович says:

    Каждому чурке встречный КАМАЗ!

  11. Aldo Gallegos says:

    He deserved it he went on the wrong side of the road

  12. ohh no:( The Kamaz is broken :(

  13. BMW_DRIVER says:

    nice e46

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