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8 Responses to “Motorcycle Crashes, Motorcycle accidents Compilation 2016 Part 47”

  1. JoeKickass324 says:

    i just slipped on a oil slick too =(

    • NutKracker215 says:

      +dan t
      Yea gotta keep an eye on the wet spots you never know what there going to
      turn out to be 😀

    • dan “omlett” t says:

      exactly like that. i never trust a wet spot either

    • JoeKickass324 says:

      Yeah, its the most helpless feeling. Now when i see a wet spot i treat it
      like oil now. Luckily i wasn’t going fast. only scraped my elbow and leg.

    • NutKracker215 says:

      (In car) I’ve slipped on a few in my life the last time my Nissan truck
      spun around 1 and a half times without leaving the lane. I always wonder
      how many bikes go down where the guy just really had no option.

  2. BuccaneerBruce says:

    A lot of dumb as bikers.

  3. Adolf Gottschald says:

    Wonderful blonde in dress!!!

  4. WasNotWas999 says:

    some stupid drivers here but also quite a few lessons on how not to ride a

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