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20 Responses to “Plane Crash”

  1. Super Gamer 25 says:

    SO BLURY!!

  2. Very useful, thank you.

  3. MrWardog12 says:

    Better yet… JUST DON’T FLY AT ALL

  4. Jack Mc donagh says:

    i hate how this was released on my birthday

  5. Jakes VideoProduction says:

    1 comment lol

  6. Ryyan Khan says:

    why are u saying your next flight

  7. Sydney Johnson says:

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  8. Ryyan Khan says:

    but thank you

  9. David Melara says:


  10. John Smith says:

    Hairy fag

  11. Claudia KS says:


  12. lorenzo lucciola couto Couto says:

    o q conta são os mortos seu filho da puta.

  13. GinSkimPivot says:

    Two expressions should be made illegal to use… “Buy one get one free!”
    and “Experts say…” This idiot is talking doo doos.

  14. Evgenios Zosimov says:

    voting down for fake thumbnail

  15. andrea greer says:

    Thank you I was on one plane crash I survived its soooo annoying when news
    reporters ask you stuff about the conditions 

  16. Monsieur Simon says:

    I was on that Singapore Airlines flight before it crashed.

  17. Levi Captin vlogs says:

    I deny it jugvgyvgdsvgzdrzdasdgctggcg

  18. lelasai ajay says:
  19. Eva Pigford says:
  20. So what are you really trying to say over and above common sense and the
    flight attendants instructions?

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