Real Life Heroes Good people PART 3.

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  1. Jon Reece says:

    It seems rather ironic that without some of the jerks who sat by and filmed
    some of these situations instead of actually helping out, we wouldn’t even
    be able to watch them take place.
    # commonsense

  2. Aldair Martnez says:


  3. PlaneCrashVideo says:
  4. Hasan Kabadayi says:

    It would be the best if this how the world was

  5. Данил Новожилов says:

    А говорят что Русские агрессоры и т.д и т.п
    Хотя у Русских есть душа,живёт любовь в сердцах,а так же храбрость®

  6. WhateverYuotuber says:

    just..! Be a Human..

  7. angelzipp says:

    Excellent! Can you tell me what band is that, on the soundtrack? Thank you.

  8. 3thaaab12 says:

    Good blessed them

  9. Marilyn Locke says:

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! so awesome to see these wonderful heroes admist
    all the horrors and terrors we have all endured in these last few months!!
    thank you so much for sharing this awesome video…………….God BLESS
    YOU AND YOURS, my dear

  10. 3thaaab12 says:


  11. WorldCrashDISCOVERY says:


  12. its all happen in russia

  13. bovas malang says:

    i’m from indonesia
    RUSSIA RESPEK NUMBER ONE WORLD …. I LOVE RUSSIA humanitarian and rescue

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