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Please drive responsibly, don’t speed, and watch out for traffic. No matter if you drive an audi, a BMW, or maybe even a dodge challenger you still do not “own” the road in any means or form.
It doesn’t matter which brand you drive, as long as you drive safely.

Use this video as a learning tool, take note of all the mistakes being made here. While these videos are fun to watch for the laugh factor, they are also very scary and insightful to watch in a way that makes you think twice before you speed.

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7 Responses to “Retardation Hits A NEW LEVEL!! Ultimate DUMB And STUPID Drivers”

  1. mrpoppapill says:

    i miss your snow and ice videos. hopefully after the season youll have tons
    of new footage to release! ~

  2. cyka blyat

  3. awsome keep up the good work

  4. Waleed Shauqat says:

    was that someone laying on the ground on the second one?😕

  5. Mega Car Crash Compilation says:

    good video
    I love your channel <3

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