Driving in Russian. Crazy Car Crash DashCam and Road Rage Compilation HD December 2014 [Part 6] Check out my other videos here: https://

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  1. CarCrashVideos says:

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  2. lol what even are brakes, amirite

  3. KinGxWolF says:

    where do u get these videos from?

  4. ChuckieFinzter says:

    These Roooskie really don’t know how to drive.

  5. Douglas Ulyate says:

    Damn, snow is nothing new in Russia, but it appears they do not know how to
    drive in snow/icy conditions… or is it the vodka???

  6. Yacine Yassine says:

    6:00 the buss are in love

  7. Grrrr....Maritz says:

    It is truly mind boggling how fast some of these people drive in icy/foggy

  8. snugglebunny5us says:

    Thank You!

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