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9 Responses to “Road Rage & Car Crash Compilation January 2015 HD [Russian DashCam Accidents]”

  1. InkRedible DashCam UK says:

    Its still 2014!!

  2. CarCrashVideos says:

    #RoadRage #CarCrash #January #bestmemoriesof2014 #20ThingsIWantFor2015
    #1D2014Highlights Subscribe please. :)

  3. fadetoblack1129 says:

    How is this a Jan 2015 Compilation when It’s not even 2015 yet? #Fail 

  4. Goorbatschov says:

    Carcrashes from the future ^^

  5. justin kohsman says:

    Russians just need bicycles

  6. coolwitme1 says:

    Is stupidity a prerequisite to live in Russia? 

  7. Micky Bhoy says:

    2015 MY F**KIN ARSE

  8. Piotr Kurnat says:

    In Russia drivers are crazy! I have never thought about how crazy this
    country is. I feel sorry to people who live there…
    They might feel unsafe. In fact they die

  9. Anto Barnjak says:


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