Driving in Russian. Crazy Car Crash DashCam and Road Rage Compilation HD November 2014 [Part 8] Check out my other videos here: https://

8 Responses to “Road Rage & Car Crash Compilation November 2014 HD [Russian Dash Cam Accidents]”

  1. CarCrashVideos says:

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  2. princeyear2k8 says:

    Are there no brakes in Russia?

  3. Bill inHumboldt says:

    If I had to drive in Russia I would drive a tank….

  4. John Wayne says:

    1st crash. That shmuck got what he deserved. Let him wallow is his
    I love 2:32. great job Borris. You have spikes on those tires?
    3:30? Target fixation? Or just drunk?
    3:40 I love her concern. She sounds so cute.
    3:51 The dude who runs the intersection needs a good ass whipping. causing
    2 accidents.
    4:03 gets what he deserves
    4:35 needs to be beat and then run over with his own car.
    4:58 Techno music will save your life.
    5:28 Yes please accelerate faster, no idea why.

  5. snugglebunny5us says:

    If I drove in Russia-I would wrap my car bubble wrap.

  6. Adrian Reyes says:

    This is some scary #!,t!!!

  7. Matt Sabin says:

    Russia. The country with the worst drivers and the worst traffic network in
    the world. 

  8. Billy PHUKYOU says:

    What the fuck was that at the end? Sounded like she got fucked in the ass.

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