Best of Road Rage in America (USA) 2014: https:// Road Rage in America (USA) Part 3: https://

20 Responses to “Road Rage & Car Crashes in Amerca (USA) 2014 HD”

  1. motanelustelistu says:

    1:05 I can’t belive the imbecile arguments people come up with.I’m a
    marine.Well,it’s irelevant,moron.My god.
    Last guy is the definition or RETARDED POO EATER.He should and i hopehe
    was,acused and locked for attempted murder,reckless driving,etc …

  2. Lane splitting to me is okay I don’t own a bike or have never even riden a
    street legal bike, but if you crash it’s your fault The “marine” on the
    other hand, I’m not okay with. He sounds like he’s 15 There’s no way in
    hell that a disrespectful fuck like him would be a marine

  3. Bill Dumas says:

    If that mouthy goofball at 1:42 is a Marine, it’s apparent that they’ve
    lowered their standards to a disgraceful level.

  4. tripleheshy says:

    Certainly hope that first idiot died or came close. Darwin award winner.

  5. Rusty Panels says:

    That idiot in the last part, cutting in front of bikes. Hope the bikers
    gave him what he deserved. Absolute dickhead with no respect for lives
    doing what he did. No need for it. Cutting someone off by accident, fair
    enough, but to do what he did, no excuse

  6. Hjernespreng says:

    Yeah, that driver is obviously a fucking psycopath.

  7. Don Cheech says:

    This video proves that bikers are jackasses.

  8. jingle jazz says:

    Americans…just pull over and let the aggressor go on…you’ve got the
    video, let law enforcement deal with it before it escalates out of control
    and everyone will be sorry for an outcome that could have been avoided. Let
    smarter heads prevail. Let them go off, call the cops. Everyone goes home

  9. Junkman2000 says:

    I don’t care who’s right or who’s wrong, battling a big ass metal car while
    riding a bike is just asking for a tag on your toe in the coroner’s room.
    Bad times.

  10. Chris Thorton says:

    The biker at 00:15 was a complete moron and had it coming to him…he did
    it to himself.

  11. justin kohsman says:

    First one got what he deserved, you don’t drive down lanes like 

  12. First guy on the bike is a fucking idiot and deserved to have his face
    bashed into that car. If someone was lane splitting like that and hit me I
    wouldn’t even bother stopping. Your fault asshole.

  13. Barra O'Broin says:

    Not sure your mans a marine, looks like he needs a meal or two, plus
    threats to civies, a woman and not removing his lid, guys a fuckin idiot. 

  14. Iman Dragon says:

    +JukeRider. You said “No the bikers followed all rules your able to go
    half the speed limit and since they were on a interstate( usually 75 mph)
    they were following the rules. The car is at fault for all of this..” You
    might want to read up on the law. Here is the law as of 2013 and I don’t
    believe it has changed yet. “The new rules stress that motorcyclists can
    only split lanes as long as they don’t exceed ten miles per hour faster
    than the cars they are driving between, and said cars must be going less
    than 30 miles per hour.” so that means if the cars are stop and go, as they
    were, then the biker/s are NOT allowed to go over 10 mph! So your reply of
    “The rule is you go half the speed of the road or less which they followed.
    The other cars were going about 9-10 mph the bikes where going30-40 mph on
    a high capacity interstate which has a speed limit that maybe 75 mph. They
    did nothing wrong.” is absolutely wrong UNLESS thats the JukeRider Rule
    that I am unaware of in any state or country in this world.

  15. DareToBeDeviant says:

    It’s only a matter of time until these motorcyclists surround a vehicle,
    conduct a stop then the driver/passenger responding with lethal force, as
    most of these stops typically involve verbal or typically physical assaults
    so y’all watch out or get a new asshole blown into your backside.

  16. Max Mustermann says:

    Those bikers are sooooo so retarded.
    1. We’re invincible, let’s drive down the middle. Every car is gonna see us
    coming and stay in its lane, right?
    2. I risk my life for money, therefore risking other’s lives is just poetic
    justice. Fuck civilian laws.
    3. Some dude in a fast moving, massive piece of metal is trying to kill us.
    Fuck life, let’s taunt him.
    All of these lunatics shouldn’t be allowed to touch anything with wheels
    for the rest of their lives. The way the last one talks ‘Ima fuck you up!’
    makes me think they’d never do anything productive with their lives anyway.

  17. Another reason why I can’t stand guys on bikes they’re douchebags and
    should be run the fuck over. I love how that woman called that guy out he
    was not a soldier trying to steal valor

  18. LMAO at Bikers you think you are a match for 4,000 lbs car seriously get
    over yourself before you die.. IDIOTS..

  19. TIKIMAN198 says:

    I hope the guy in the first clip broke both legs. If he hit my car with my
    family in it I would break them myself for being such a dip shit faggot. 

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