Scooter accidents compilation. New amazing crashes and accidents of cars and scooters around the world. Check out the latest dashcam accidents videos and acc…

16 Responses to “Scooter Accidents Compilation November 2014”

  1. golfdriver18 says:

    1:04 Level up

  2. Binhamed Abu Ali says:
  3. Accidents and Crashes on the Road says:
  4. Arneh Flumm says:

    Omg this most be the most retarded compilation. most of them dont even
    brake. no idea how to drive.. surprised they are still alive..

  5. I hope the asshole at 1:50 has since crashed and died a very painful death.

  6. Vinícius Negrão says:

    Can’t you see the accident is going to happen? OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!

  7. GetRanThruHo says:

    bikers are such dicks. all of them, cyclists, scooter fags and
    motorcyclists they’re all shit

  8. haruna0228 says:

    this is Taiwan

  9. darren irwin says:

    Darwinism at work

  10. 07SuperchargedSS says:

    Am I a dick for thinking these are fuckin hilarious? Seriously some of
    these people are so retarded. How do u not see a big truck or shiny white
    Bmw moving slowly right in front of you? I’m laughing my ass off

  11. Puskin Vox says:

    Look at the bright side, the hospitals have enough spare organs

  12. Hahahaha…

  13. rammsteinfan30 says:

    welcome to japan lol

  14. drakionclawers says:

    scooters are nothing but a menace

  15. Pietro Polizzi says:


    Anyone know music title?

  16. 11Modern11 says:

    “china” enough said..

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