Published on Jun 8, 2014 Navy Ship in EXTREME Ocean Storm, Hurricane Sandy: Cruise Ships Weather the Storm, ship in storm 90ft waves, Disney Magic Storm – Cr…

20 Responses to “SHIPS IN STORM Horrible FOOTAGE”

  1. Fethi Anou says:

    Great video++!

  2. WhiskyPankcake says:

    My stomach gets weak just watching that Must have been quite a rush!

  3. brando6BL says:

    any reason why this footage is considered “horrible”? It looks pretty
    normal to me.

  4. BabylonianSage says:

    It is not horrible, it’s *beautiful*… at least for me.

  5. Njugglesvatn says:

    This is some of the best footage of a ship in a storm on Youtube.

    Please film more!.

  6. foppo leeuwerke says:

    Bow into the swell she can take this day and night.Keep engine room
    watertight most important.

  7. alphazuluosprey1708 says:

    I thought this was the MH370 search over the Indian Ocean.

  8. godiskungen27 says:

    One of the best videos

  9. البلاﻻ تربب says:

    يا أيها الذين كفروا لا تعتذروا اليوم إنما تجزون ما كنتم تعملون

  10. nice Amigo says:

    takes me back a few years

  11. Dana Young says:

    That’ll pucker your asshole! 

  12. يوسف الخليف says:

    بسم الله مجريها ومرسها ..

  13. Pretty scary…

  14. Christoph Seufert says:

    Nothing horrible there…

  15. Stephen Smith says:

    Beautiful! Love the colours.

  16. roboform100 says:

    HOLY CRAB that was scary

  17. Michael Smart says:

    Great footage, thanks, I have saved it to my favourites!

  18. Magen Mageswaran says:

    Drunken captain :)

  19. When I see ‘horrible footage’ I’m assuming the cameraman fucked up or
    something……out of focus….grainy….poor quality…..whatever. The
    ‘footage’ is actually pretty good, muh-man…….lol

  20. LoveAllReality says:

    this 720 p footage i don’t call ‘horrible’, and besides that, it is

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