Here is a var crash compilation of some of the most stupid rich people who drives around in Nissan GT-R supercars. They either drive way too fast, or simply doesn’t give a damn about the road conditions!

5 Responses to “STUPID Nissan GT-R Drivers, CRAZY Accidents! – Car Crash Compilation”

  1. DurexDurpaneu2 says:

    funny how the gtrs love to pop and fly out of control

  2. Boodieman72 says:

    All that wasted money.

  3. PSA de Lachute says:

    And why not end this 10 minutes 12 second masterpiece with… You guessed

  4. PSA de Lachute says:

    FORD, you piss me off, do you think I would ever waste my hard earned $$$$$
    on your stupid cars ???

  5. PSA de Lachute says:

    … I was wrong, what I really like is THE (SAME) F**ING FORD COMMERCIAL
    FOR A SECOND TIME!!!!! (Thank God they’re 5 seconds quickies!!!)

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