The Best of Car Crash Compilation – 2014 so far! Please rate, comment, share and subscribe. More of this coming… Thanks for Watching! Additional tags: Car …

20 Responses to “The Best of Car Crash Compilation – All NEW 2014!”

  1. Lilly Ellis says:

    at the beginning, you gave us a warning about stuff like how intense these
    crashes would be but some “accidents” are just little spin outs that did no
    harm. then at the beginning you gave us the longest ever advert to your
    channel were i couldn’t even really read the text because it was too small.
    and why did you make a compilation of accidents when it isn’t even the end
    of 2014!?!?

  2. Paul Kouri says:

    these people are so dumb

  3. Anthony aguirre says:

    did anyone else notice the year on one of the cameras was

  4. FlyingWing92 says:

    I wanna move to Russia for a year and see how many car wrecks I can witness
    in that time.. lol

  5. Jc Hinman says:

    7:26 Never Too Late by Three Days Grace… What a coincidence!

  6. Anthony Caruso says:

    A 49 minute “ad” at the start of this video? That’s nearly two
    infomercials. Get real Youtube…

  7. Stacker Guy says:


  8. joshua heywood says:

    2.05 I bet the guy next to the truck absolutely shit himself, that was so

  9. you see in the video most car crashes are from bad weather

  10. Jezzalink PvP says:


  11. josiah lopez says:

    This shows you that people can be jackasses sometimes

  12. Stockiest Bear says:

    Russians are so gay

  13. Raul Orozco says:

    has anybody noticed that most of the crashes include vans or mini vans

  14. Brickhead says:

    russians are so stupid 

  15. TeriTerryTarry says:

    5:19, I find this bridge a bit disconcerting – like a giant ribcage has
    been burst through. It reminded me of that scene from the movie “Alien”!
    Wait, you don’t suppose Russian drivers are . . . no, it can’t be!

  16. Chris Thorn Productions says:

    Oh no, there is a stopped car in front of me, so I’ll swerve into the
    oncoming traffic lane.

  17. DuploRabbit says:

    Russian Driving Manual Rule #1. No Matter what the road conditions drive as
    fast as you can.

  18. MrElculver2424 says:

    I know it’s hard to react within tenths of a second, but some people need
    to learn and think about accident-avoidance skills. What I’m referring to
    is if you see a crash starting, you should know how to avoid it. For
    example, if a car is coming at you and going to your right, you should turn
    your wheel to the left, not to the right. If you go in the same direction
    the other car is going in, obviously you’re going to collide with it. You
    need to steer the opposite way. Some of these could have been avoided.

  19. TheDoominatorST says:

    I’m certain atleast 90% of the whole video are just russians being

  20. kizzie diggs says:

    why do the take there cameras out ? I don’t think they know is going to

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