The Scariest HELICOPTER CRASHES ever caught on Camera! Please rate, comment, share and subscribe. More Videos coming… Additional tags: Car Crash, car crash…

20 Responses to “The Scariest HELICOPTER CRASHES ever caught on Camera”

  1. minecraftlego says:

    Damn helicopters you scary!

  2. R Moocher2 says:

    The pilot at 6:07 was flying recklessly and almost took out some people on
    the ground before taking himself out. What an idiot!

  3. Magical Gamer says:

    8:36 This Is Gonna Be A Rough Landing…

  4. Im a gonna buy a hellicpocer and fly it wit ot lessons and crash like thees
    guys AWESUM!

  5. MattSynyster says:

    all this footage are old

  6. I like the one when they yell, call 9 1 1 about 10x. If I was there, I’d
    ask, what # do I call again?

  7. Connor O'Neil says:

    R.I.P to all of those who died in those crashes 

  8. Obito Mangekyou says:

    You ask how some of these people survive Jesus And God.

  9. Dylan Kerman says:

    I’m 11, a student and I fly better than half these guys

  10. Sean Sherrod says:

    3:09 – INSANE!!!

  11. Apollo Smile says:

    Seriously the pilot at 14:03 OK i’m losing power but i think i can still
    fly… engine goes down more OK i landed safe i should have cut the engine
    off then but nope i think i can re balance it oops CRASH

  12. Bert Lovejoy says:

    3:32 should be followed with a pause then someone saying, ” aaaalllright,
    back to you in the studio” XD

  13. Any landing you walk away from is a good one. lol

  14. Nathan McCarthy says:

    I understand this isn’t the easiest task to do (flying a helicopter)
    however most of the crashes seemed completely avoidable if they were more
    patient. RIP

  15. Jack Rainbow says:

    an assemblage of extremely old and extremely poorly shot crashes in very
    low def. 

  16. unit6666alt ROBLOX says:

    2:06 Didnt Seem Real :/

  17. What happened at 4:12? Wind? UFO with cloaking device hit them???

  18. John-Philippe Gauthey says:

    Isnt 0:56 the top gear Korean race crash? A car vs an american military
    helicopter race, and at the end the helicopter turns to hard and hits the
    ground. Both people inside live.

  19. Helicopters are bitches .. They’re all about balancing .. Simple mistake
    you’re doomed!

  20. likea whispr says:

    Whatever happened to crew coordination. tail clear left or right, clear to
    the rear, nose is clear, etc.? So many crashes here could’ve been
    prevented with simple paying attention. The Apache pilots figured that an
    airfoil has the same performance at high alt., as it does at low alt….
    plus they needed another 1500 feet of altitude to swing that maneuver
    anyway. The Sikorsky looking aircraft settling with power? Think safety

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