The scariest plane crashes ever caught on camera —————————————– “Ten News Helicopter Crashes East of Perth | 19/01/2013″”ultimate …

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  1. Donatronio Mcpwneo says:

    3:04 is that jeff dunham!!?!!? (if you have watched jeff dunham birth of a
    dummy you will understand the reference)

  2. TMS Youtuber says:

    The end kas šad 🙁 

  3. League359 says:

    you do know that a helicopter is not a plane I hope :/

  4. james sane says:

    that happen when americans fly the planes

  5. The Narwalls says:

    Was this military cuz i saw that tank with the parachute

  6. Lashantia Brice says:

    crying….sooo sad omg

  7. Alexandernero666 says:

    I hope if I ever see a crash I have something better to say than “oh my

  8. the guy at 1 minute in… who ever you are you moron… Repeating the
    phrase “Oh my God… Oh my god…” Won’t help anyone. drop the camera and
    call emergency services you DUMB ****!! LMAO That goes for everyone else
    who stands watching something bad happening repeating “Oh my God… Oh my
    God…. Oh my God… Oh my God…” lolz oh my God……

  9. ScottRidesHonda says:

    why do i always see air france on a bunch of wrecks note to self dont every
    fly air france

  10. Robin Sattahip says:

    Can’t you edit out the annoying “oh my god” nonsense? Great video though. 

  11. Dilshad Ali says:


  12. Dilshad Ali says:


  13. DubbyDominate says:

    That cgi at the end lol

  14. Nadia Lynch says:

    I don’t get this video. Just nothing but plane crashes..

  15. Saim Nazeem says:

    The last one whats the music? SAD :(

  16. Andy Jones says:

    Anyone here know how to tell a good pilot from a bad pilot?

    A good pilot has the same amount of landings as takeoffs… 

  17. Napa Valley Storytellers says:

    Please stop showing the Concorde crash! All but one of the shots are fake
    with computer generated smoke and flames and even a crash. Its
    disrespectful to the families of the victims to over sensationalize what
    really happened. There was only one real clip of the incident where the
    passenger in a car shot the jet on fire. You are totally misleading
    viewers, but if thats what you want to do, so be it. 

  18. Raphael Lebron says:

    @0:49 The lady’s husband.. Saying That’s good that’s good! your filming it!
    and the husband is freaking out.. For crying out load lady! Freak out with
    your husband! 

  19. Ansh Mishra says:
  20. Read the title then watch it do u find anything??

    Also good vid

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