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20 Responses to “The Scariest Truck Crashes and Road Accidents of All Time – Part 2”

  1. Stupid Russians 

  2. Слыште блядь , американские пидорасы, как будто в ваших штатах никто не
    бьется.Только и можете коментарии писать

  3. Hotrodelectric says:

    I get the distinct impression that road rules and regulations are merely
    suggestions in Russia and China. And just what the fresh hell is with
    losing control of your car for no reason at all? I get the snow and rain,
    driving too fast for conditions. tailgating, taking up both lanes and so
    on. But on clear, sunny days with dry roads? How is that possible? 

  4. Joe Townsend says:

    Thanks CrashDiscovery for posting these videos. There’s a lot to be
    learned here. They should make viewing these a requirement for
    obtaining/keeping a license. Maybe if they did, more drivers would get a
    clue and many lives might be saved.
    Second, they should make dash cams a requirement in the states too!
    Third, the anti-Russian driver comments are way out of line, as there are
    fatal and near fatal auto accidents in the US EVERY few seconds. So, we
    have our share of careless drivers also! (We’re number ONE!! -said with
    flag waving). I mean really folks,,, Ever driven in LA, Las Vegas,
    Houston, Chicago, etc.?? Then you know.

    Hope you learned things from these vids that may save your life and the
    lives of others.

  5. chaosgaming87 says:

    The sound lags like a mother fucker

  6. Brandi Shafer says:

    15:52 are you serious, that’s not even an “accident” he’s doing that on
    purpose, like what the heck!!

  7. Julie Roberts says:

    2:49 doe

  8. Gentlemen, Russian laws stricter than in America. 0 ppm. Never a truck
    driver will not drink vodka while driving. He needs to make money and feed
    his family. Also make truck drivers around the world. Accidents
    unfortunately exists in all countries

  9. stpaulimdog says:

    I get a kick out of all the music that is playing at the time of the crash.

  10. YouAreSpotOnWithThat says:

    Been down to Tesco, however, not wearing a seat belt !

  11. LOL. Russians drive like crazy ass mother fuckers.

  12. Michael Martinez says:

    Do they even have speed limit signs in Russia ? These people look like
    they’re doing 80+ all the time,stop with the Vodka,put down the phone,and
    turn off that ridiculous music

  13. I think that guy in the clip starting at 3:22 is practising for his trip
    abroad on a Boeing 747 – minus a ticket, passport and seat, but carrying
    extra thermal underwear and a packed lunch.

  14. Paul Minard says:

    Too much sleep or a lack of drink…

  15. Charles Ostman says:

    I can’t help but wonder, how much vodka might be involved in all this, not
    to mention that the concept of driving laws being barely a suggestion, at
    best . . .

  16. DuskyPlaysMinecraft says:

    3:30 Ya well I’m just hitching a ride to burger king its the next stop…
    Just jumped on while he was driving (I think lol) And now I’m getting to
    KING!!! I better jump off just kidding I’m just going to stay on and die

  17. RC FPV VIDS says:

    bwhahahahahahaha 3.30 that is fukn GOLD!

  18. 2:10 well done asshole

  19. Markos Psomos says:

    at 15:55 that guy was like maximum overdrive he seemed like he wasn’t going
    to stop.

  20. Gary Graham says:

    And I thought L.A freeways were full of Morons. These guys are just
    clueless! No concept of speed, road conditions, how to recover from skids
    or fishtails. Does anyone even look at signs or lights?

    Must be manadatory to wear your seat belt and do at least 3 shots of Vodka
    before you go anywhere in Russia.

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