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20 Responses to “The Scariest Truck Crashes and Road Accidents of All Time – Part 4”

  1. James Campion says:

    11:16 stupid car driver thinking its ok to go were theres a semi truck

  2. Nevada Mustang says:

    95% of truck accidents are caused by the cars no the trucker. Punk ass
    bitches think the laws don’t apply to them. I feel sorry for the truckers
    because they haul the everyday items we use and they get no respect. I
    wanna be a trucker when I’m 18! 

  3. Lucas Streeval says:


  4. Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC says:

    Pretty horrific 

  5. CrashDiscovery says:

    The Scariest Truck Crashes and Road Accidents of All Time – Part 4

  6. Larry Kuipers says:

    Okay, from now on, the Russians need to walk everywhere, the driving thing
    just isn’t working out for them. 

  7. 5:13 CENTIPEDE!

  8. Motor Brain says:


  9. Roberto Perestrelo says:

    most of these accidents are from stupid drivers who dont respect trucks…
    they need their space to turn they cant see everything because of their
    driving position and they cant stop as fast of a car… a good driver isnt
    someone who is good at driving his car but is someone who drives knowing
    others cant

  10. Stephen Sexton says:

    those people in the silver car at 5:20 are fucking retarded cuntass
    bitches. they could’ve back up before they got hit but noooo their dumbass
    still sits there even after it happens

  11. SquiggMonster says:

    What cracks me up is the cars that have radar detectors….HAH HA HAH AHA!
    What in the world would anyone in Russia need a radar detector for? They go
    as fast as they want, they obey no stop lights or stop signs and even when
    it’s evident that a crash will happen, they don’t slow down!

  12. Devious Schubert says:

    well i know now not to travel by car on any highway in Europe or any
    foreign country, they are all too thick headed over there. i know there are
    thick heads here in america, but the entire video was on the other side of
    the world, now dont get me wrong there was alot of bad weather accidents

  13. Jesse weaver says:

    I thought the USA had bad drivers. These Russians suck. They should band
    driving over there. Hate to see there insurance premiums.

  14. Daniella Gonzalez says:
  15. chaseomai says:

    $35 Auto insurance. Call toll free from all states {888-963-6422}

  16. camionista pazzo says:

    beautiful video. big up

  17. Telmo Mendonca says:

    lol that guy at 16:00

  18. santosh samarth says:

    he sarv khare aahe kaa aani jar khare asel tar roj kiti truck accidents
    bharataat hotat tyacha data milel kaa ?

  19. mike smith says:

    Its crazy that hardly anyone stops.. They try and squeeze by and take off
    or go around

  20. What were the couple saying at 20:40 ?

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