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20 Responses to “TOP 6 Ship Accidents and sink”

  1. VolcomStone CS says:

    Flag for misleading thumbnail

  2. Zenox TheLastGamer says:

    Half of them is in turkey whitch is an muslim country

  3. lulu smith says:

    The last one was literally the titanic.

  4. Titanic is in the North Atlantic off NFLD.

  5. Marcos Montano says:

    What does it mean when it was filmed on a potato

  6. Was this recorded with a fucking potato or what??

  7. PlaneCrashVideo says:
  8. Emre Can ÖZKÖK says:

    reversed video.fuckn stupid

  9. john kilner says:

    its been copied that many times, it looks like its been filmed with a
    potato then a mirror…

  10. Jack Knopf says:

    Top 10 Worst Videos ripped off from someone elses site. Honorable mention
    for worst editing job….

  11. RemiAndre100 says:

    Well, if u took this videos from other channels. You should put the link to
    their channel in the description.

  12. TheJapanChannelDcom says:

    Copying a video and reversing it to avoid being caught fro copyright
    infringement is the work of a thief.
    Try actually creating something yourself.

  13. Popko Bolhuis says:

    One off my OLD OLD uncle`s worked as chef on the titanic!

  14. Alex Peery says:

    the ship shot smoke out of it’s butt 

  15. edward peders says:

    So where’s the shinyo in your playlist?

  16. Michael K says:

    Why is the video mirrored?

  17. Moritz Winter says:

    4:38 lmao titanic-style

  18. Max Hodson says:

    oh cool at 3:42 something actually happened

  19. Dennis Mullins says:

    Only ONE was the result of an accident(and we didn’t get to see that part)
    the others are intentional sinking. Should have titled it “Ships Sinking”

  20. shane lord says:

    2.00 the rena that run aground on our new zealand shores alot of it is
    still there on a sacred moari reef idiot foreiner ship captain

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