The 2010 Alaska C-17 crash occurred on Wednesday, 28 July 2010, when a United States Air Force military transport plane crashed at Elmendorf Air Force Base i…

18 Responses to “USAF C 17 Globemaster III Crash Moments Before the Impact FULL”

  1. tuesdayafternoon13 says:

    Take off sucked. Holy God

  2. Hey dumb asses, Read this before you comment on fake and CGI. Morons.

  3. Juan Navarro says:

    Can he just pole up

  4. disgruntled pedant says:

    Fake as phuq.

  5. Sedat Ulutanir says:

    Daha detaylı tercih ederim.

  6. Chad Hurley says:

    God this guy is stupid. I can only fly a Cessna, but even I know that when
    you “bank,” turn an aircraft, that you loose lift. S

  7. Karl Weigel says:

    The pilot was hotdogging before he had enough altitude and airspeed, and it
    cost him and his crew, unfortunately. Low and slow=disaster.

  8. Ewren018 . says:

    adobe after effect

  9. Tushar Mhawarkar says:

    It is fake 

  10. David Hall says:

    I’m not a pilot but the first thing I saw was this crazy angle at take off
    seemed almost straight up then the last turn looked like it went into an
    angle where the wings had no lift. Reminded me of a Frisbee thrown sideways
    and how it just slices through the air and down. Man I feel sorry for those
    crewmembers and their families bless you all!

  11. Ethan Atkinson says:


  12. artemidoros34 says:

    yikes. prayers. I thought the take off was asking for it; 

  13. fake lol

  14. kaan cem Odemis says:

    Made in USA !!!

  15. tuesdayafternoon13 says:

    Wow, who the hell was flying that bird. I see them daily for the idiots
    that think that’s fake that’s called shitty pilot. Period. What the hell,
    makes me mad for the crew and who the hell is instructing them. 

  16. Ferdi Mercan says:

    Yalan bu arkadaslar inis aninda kamera ucagi cekerken saydamlik artiyor
    Program Bu !

  17. Анатолий Жарких says:

    Пилот заигрался… Такой самолет не для фигур высшего пилотажа

  18. Andrew Cuevas says:

    Fake and gay

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